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1: The Outback Paddy Show: Resorts Hotels Clubs Pubs & Mining Camps.
This is a 3 hour "Show" of covers of songs that the audience will relate to and sing along with, the repertoire also includes some well known Irish songs and some originals that capture the awesome beauty of Outback Australia. I have been known to tell a good joke or two, to be sure.
I work very well with my audience and I often break into medley's of songs that get the people singing and dancing. This is a very entertaining 3 hour "Outback Paddy Show"

2: An Irish Night With Outback Paddy (For Resorts, Hotels, Clubs, Pubs and Mining Camps)
Irish songs, Irish humor - presented by Australia's own Irishman "Outback Paddy". The show features Irish classics: Molly Malone, Whiskey in the Jar, Wild Rover, Black Velvet Band, Maggie, Galway Bay and Fields of Athenry (plus many more) Other songs featured are by contemporary irish artists like the Pogus and U2. There are medleys and sing-alongs, audience participation - it's a fun night, (anyone from the audience can get up on stage and sing a song, tell a joke, dance, etc) It's all part of the craic, (fun) as we say in Ireland. There will be some Irish/Australian originals including my theme song, Outback Paddy.

3: Outback Paddy in Concert:
This is Outback Paddy at home and where he belongs, on the big stage, in theaters, concert halls, performing art's centers and amphitheatres. This "Show" will feature songs from all of my albums including some famous Irish songs, there will be dialogue relevant to the songs and a joke or two, a great 2 hour entertaining Show. I am keen to share the bill with other artists who are interested in travel around the world.

4: The Outback Paddy Show: For RV Parks, Tourist Resorts and Holiday Parks.
This is my very popular, Outback Australian journey in songs "Show" of 90 minutes, for travelers from interstate and overseas who discover outback Australia as they travel with the caravan, camper van, camper trailer, 5th wheeler, motorhome, car and and tent. I take my audience on an Outback journey in songs and stories with a joke or two, this is Outback Paddy in his element, singing to an audience some who have experienced the Karri forest and the Tingle trees, Karijini National Park, Ningaloo Reef, the Kimberley coast to Darwin, Far North Queensland, down to the Great Australian Bight and all places in between.

5: Welcome To Australia: Tourism Promotions Overseas.
This event features my Australian country songs and bush ballads that capture the awesome beauty of Outback Australia with information about the places I sing about, there may also be visual images of the beautiful Outback. This can be a single performance of 1 hour or more or short segments of songs and dialogue as I work with a co presenter to promote Australia to the world as a holiday destination.

6: What Colour Is Your Day:
This features positive and motivational songs from my new CD and includes the title track, "What Colour Is Your Day" This is a great way for company's to start the day with a positive and happy attitude to the day. My dialogue will be related to the message in my wonderful motivational songs. I can also do an ad-lib and on request I can make up a little ditty about an incident that happened in the past and also I can make up something about an employee or even the boss or the company, all I need here is a guide to what you want me to say in the song or little ditty. This Event is also a great PD for educators and health professionals, how about a little song for the Department of Education or the Health Department and all the wonderful positive things they do, am I really saying this. I do have a song that I wrote some years ago about the Department of Education placing teachers in regions that they have not requested and are not suited for, it's a big hit with teachers and admin staff.

7: The Family Concert:
This is great for community events, festivals, school fete's etc, I have had great success with this Family Concert in regional Western Australia in recent years. It will feature my hit song, "Mozzie Bites" and songs from my latest CD "What Colour Is Your Day" and some of my Australian country songs and bush ballads.

8: Australia Day and Citizenship Ceremonies:
I have entertained for many shire councils in recent years singing my original Australian songs to an audience who have just become citizens of this very beautiful country, Australia. A song that I feature in this performance from my Outback Paddy CD is, "From A Far Distant Shore" everyone who comes to Australia to start a new life can relate to this beautiful song. I wrote this song many years ago as I was thinking about what it was like for me coming from Ireland to start a new and exiting life in Australia. The duration of this performance is flexible.

9: One For The Seniors: Lifestyle Villages & Senior Citizen's Centers.
This is the nostalgic Michael Blake aka Outback Paddy, I let myself go with songs that my parents sang at party's and hooley's from when I was knee high to a grass hopper all those years ago in dear aul Dublin City, this is great entertainment for the retired age group, I include some of my Ma's favorites here including, Maggie and Lili Marlene.

10: Personal Songs:
Would you like to have a song written just for you, perhaps a song written for your loved one that you will own, just send me some details and we will go from there.

11: Jingle Jingle Jingle:
Do you want to have a jingle for your company or a product, I have written some jingles in recent years and had the pleasure of seeing my little self on the telly, what a blast, especially your first jingle, it's a wipe out, as one might say. Just let me know what you would like by way of a catchy tune with relevant words to the company or product and I will take it on board.

Get Outback Paddy for your company, your workplace or your venue anywhere in the world, he can write a little ditty just for you, for a work colleague, your boss or your company. Paddy has a passport and loves to travel.

Outback Paddy is seeking representation to generate work in Australia and beyond.
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